AllSplint is...
a simple therapy device to stretch the wrist,
fingers, and thumb and improve range of
motion especially in post-stroke conditions.
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"Works great! AllSplint™ has really helped in fighting tone, and I can put it on by myself!"

-BJ Ivey

Core Benefits
  •  Simple and intuitive operation.
  •  Adjustable to vary stretching of    the wrist, fingers, and thumb.
  •  Often can be put on and adjusted    by the patient without help.
  •  Portable and lightweight.
  •  No moving parts, springs, or    special tools required.
  •  Natural hand/arm orientation.
  •  Works equally well on either right    or left arms.
  •  Adjustable to fit different size    hands and arms.

Our Story

In 2003, my 52 year old
wife, BJ, had a severe
stroke. Together we have
been on an amazing
recovery journey with
many successes for which
we are so thankful.
Read our story here.
For practical, useful information on
stroke, go to
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